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Principal's Message

At J. Percy Page High School, we are proud of the positive culture and community that has been

created here over the past few years and the role that our alumni have played in that

transformation. We believe that our role is to create an environment of success for every student

through building respectful relationships, sharing relevant curricular experiences, modeling

academic rigor and inspiring exemplary citizenship. We have set high standards for our students

and history now tells some amazing stories of our success. There is a Page Advantage!

At “Page”, the student is at the centre of all decisions and discussions related to curriculum. He

or she is the driver of their own learning. Our students are asked to be involved in a great deal

more than their classes. They are expected to become active contributors to their school and their

community. Page students are encouraged to participate in leadership, school improvement,

volunteerism and mentoring in order to learn and develop the skills necessary to become active,

responsible citizens.

Our parents are equally valued partners in our educational team and are encouraged to visit the

school, consult with the staff and participate in school functions. We encourage each member of

our educational team to work together to provide the highest quality educational program

possible. I am proud to say J Percy Page High School is a positive place where everyone is

encouraged to reach their academic potential.

Your three years of high school will go very fast. We encourage you not to sit back and wait for

things to happen but to dive in and participate in the many student activities and volunteer

opportunities that will be available to you. As a student of J Percy Page High School, you have

access to world-class teachers, support staff and custodians who will guide you through some

incredible opportunities and experiences. We look forward to working with you!

 - Darryl Sutherland, Principal