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Student Services

Student Services is a one-stop-shop to meet your academic and personal needs. Whether you are looking for personal, academic, career, post-secondary or scholarship guidance, Student Services has you covered. We are here for students, families and the community; always aiming for success.

Do you have specific inquiries? Here’s who to contact:

Jen Sutherland, Department Head of Student Services and Inclusive Learning 

  • Personal Counselling 
  • Grade 11 Academic Program planning 
  • K&E Support 
  • IPP/ LSP Learning Accommodations and Accessibility Support 

Patti Hawreliak

  • First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students support: Academic planning, cultural connections, graduation support, and post-secondary transitions (Block 4 only) 

Stephen Ekstrom

  • Grade 10  Academic program planning (mornings) 
  • Personal counselling (mornings) 
  • GSA - Wednesdays at lunch 

Jessica Rolls 

  • School based wellness coach 
  • Community Helpers Program 
  • K&E Support 

Colin Powles 

  • Grade 12 academic program planning and graduation support 

Ben Hofs

  • Safety/Success Coach 
  • Wednesday and Fridays, and every other Monday. 

Holly Gerke

  • Post Secondary Advisor 

James Anderson

  • Work Experience and RAP


Schedule an appointment with Student Services by clicking the links below:

Stephen Ekstrom (A-K) 

Jennifer Sutherland (L-Z)

Jessica Rolls (L-Z)

Colin Powles (Grad)

Holly Gerke (Post-Secondary)