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Student Services

Student Services is a one-stop-shop to meet your academic and personal needs. Whether you are looking for personal, academic, career, post-secondary or scholarship guidance, Student Services has you covered. We are here for students, families and the community; always aiming for success.

Do you have specific inquiries? Here’s who to contact:

Personal Counseling:

Mrs. Shelley Vettese-Baert - Department Head of Student Services (including Inclusive Education and Counseling)

  • E-Mail: Shelley.Vettese-Baert@epsb.ca

Ms. Petti Hawreliak - Counselor AM

Mr. Colin Powles - Counselor PM

  • E-Mail: Colin.Powles@epsb.ca

Ms. Jessica Rolls - Wellness Coach

  • E-Mail: Jessica.Rolls@epsb.ca

Post-Secondary and Scholarship Support:

Mrs. Shelley Vettese-Baert

  • E-Mail: Shelley.Vettese-Baert@epsb.ca

Supports for Newcomer Students and Families:

Mrs. Carmela Bruni-Bossio

  • E-Mail: caremela.bruni-bossio@epsb.ca

Mr. Jimmy Chang - ESL Liason - Welcome Centre