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Advanced Placement

Are you intellectually curious? The Advanced Placement (AP) program is challenging and rewarding, and will help you to make the most of your high school experience by getting a head start on your post-secondary plans.

The AP program helps you to develop an inquiring mind, a sound base of knowledge, a higher level understanding, and appreciation of concepts and an excellent work ethic.

Most Canadian universities compete for AP students and may be eligible for transfer credits! An AP student is one who enjoys enrichment, accepts challenges, and is driven to succeed at a higher level. What are you waiting for?

At J. Percy Page we offer AP in the following courses: 


AP Biology

Take a trip through the human experience like never before. From Mendel genetics, through the building blocks of cells, to how body systems work together to shape our sensory and physiological systems, the hand-on approach of AP Biology changes how you see our human forms. AP Biology exposes students to unique opportunities for connecting concepts, then gaining invaluable experience through the writing of a postsecondary level exam.

AP Chemistry

In the leading-edge worlds of pharmaceuticals, fuels, and materials design, tomorrow needs today’s innovators to have a specific knowledge and skills, but also training in mental modelling and inquiry-based labs. Many of the students at J. Percy Page are heading to university where Chemistry is a mandatory course requirement. In the AP program, students will begin their university-level chemistry to give them an edge in their post-secondary careers.

AP Physics

Blending Newtonian Mechanics, Kinematics, and thermal, fluid, and electricity dynamics, AP Physics is where students explore the forces that govern the world around them. Through insightful lecture, interaction, and a strong emphasis on exploratory labs, practical inquiries and discovery is fosters in a classroom of like-minded peers. 

AP Calculus

AP Calculus at J. Percy Page represents college-level mathematics for which most colleges grant advanced placement and/or credit . Most colleges and universities offer a sequence of several courses in calculus, and entering students are placed within this sequence according to the extent of their preparation, as measured by the results of an AP Exam or other criteria. Learn problem solving methods that you can apply across real-world problems involving theorems, definitions, and functions represented in different ways. Use technology to explore, experiment, interpret results, and support your conclusions. Take your passion for Math to new heights at Page.

AP English Literature

The AP English classroom is lively place that offers fantastic opportunities for like-minded students to engage in meaningful and thoughtful discussion. Through rigorous and detailed looks at modern and classic genres, student risks and investments are celebrated as we journey through the rich tapestry that is English literature.

AP European History

Covering 1350 to the present, this two-year course dives into major developments in society, politics, ideas, culture, economics, and technology. Using historical knowledge as a guide to present understanding, students will survey all realms of behavior so that they can develop a sophisticated understanding of the human experience.

AP French

Students who are enrolled in AP French build on their already strong command of French grammar and vocabulary to take their learning to new heights in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Students who are enrolled in this course should expect a full immersion experience, not only in language but also in exposure to French culture and norms. The teacher will exclusively be using French throughout the duration of this course, including lectures, tasks, group projects and assessments.

AP Spanish

The Spanish AP classroom is a place where students are immersed in an environment where they can confidently engage in conversation both formally and informally, use their grasp of the language for inventive and entertainment purposes, and simultaneously learn about and participate in Hispanic traditions and customs!

AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art is a 2 year program for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of Art. The program is designed to encourage creative and systematic investigation of conceptual issues. Students will be guided to sustain ongoing art-making processes that involve constant evolution of ideas and critical decision-making.