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Science is the human effort to understand (or better understand) the natural and physical world. Science is accomplished through processes like observations, inferences, and experiments. The body of knowledge that humans have gathered through science experiments rests in various disciplines like biology, chemistry and physics.

Some knowledge of science is required for basic citizenship. In order to graduate from high school, Alberta students are required to take a minimum of two science courses. The following general science pathways are available at J Percy Page for graduation:

  1. Science 14 → Science 24 (graduation requirements can be met with these two courses)
  2. Science 10 → any 20-level science (Science 24, Science 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20, Biology 20)

For students who are interested in science-related careers, please explore the following streams:

At J. Percy Page, the following General Science pathways are available:

  • Science 10, Science 20 and Science 30
  • Science 14 and Science 24
  • Knowledge and Employability Science 10-4 and Science 20-4