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Knowledge and Employability (K & E)

K and E programming supports students who learn best through hands-on activities, plan on entering the workplace, rather than achieving a high school diploma and want to develop skills to become better prepared for the work force. Students who complete all required courses will earn a Certificate of High School Achievement. Following certificate completion some students transfer into the high school diploma program instead of entering the workplace directly.

Requirements for "Certificate of High School Achievement": Total of 80 High School Credits

Successfully complete:

  • English 30-4
  • Social Studies 20-4
  • Math 20-4
  • Science 20-4
  • Calm 20
  • Physical Education 10
  • 30 level CTS course
  • 35 level Work Experience or Registered Apprenticeship Program

For information please contact Jennifer Sutherland at Jennifer.Sutherland@epsb.ca.

Individualized Support Program (ISP)

The Individual Support Program supports students with severe to profound developmental disabilities. Students may have physical, sensory or behavioral challenges, and/or medical conditions, requiring special accommodations.

The ISP provides students with structured, routine-based activities with a focus on Emergent Literacy.

For information please contact Jennifer Sutherland at Jennifer.Sutherland@epsb.ca.

English Language Learning (ELL)

The ELL program is designed for students whose primary language is not English.  It supports students developing their speaking, reading, writing and listening. 

Students will build the individual skills necessary for high school graduation, preparation for post-secondary and employability.

For information please contact Carmela Bruni-Bossio at carmela.bruni-bossio@epsb.ca