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Art Club - meets in the Art Room (3-100) at lunch on Tuesdays.  Projects have included painting a school mural, painting a mural at the family crisis Today Centre, painting the baseball dugout and making cards for Cross Cancer patients at Christmas. 

Cappies Theatre Club

J. Percy Page participates in the Cappies of Greater Edmonton, a program that allows student theatre critics to view and critique high school theatre around Edmonton. Students learn the basics of writing a theatre review from professional journalists, and at each performance, the top five reviews from students in the program are published in the Edmonton Journal. Students also have the opportunity to cast votes for their favourite aspects from each play that they see, and winners are awarded at the prestigious Cappies Gala in June. If you have a passion for writing, theatre, or critique, apply to be a part of our Cappies team!

Chess Club

JPP Chess Club meets at lunch on Mondays in Room 4-104. Having absolutely no requirements, you can come to learn tips and tricks, brush up on your chess skills, and to practice with others. Having started in September 2021, we look forward to having great attendance, and ideas for holding school-based competitive Chess Tournaments later on in the year may be entertained.

Please contact coordinator Ryaan Mian at r.mian@share.epsb.ca for more information.

Dance Club

Dancers of all abilities come together to express themselves through music and movement, while learning about different styles of dance.

French Club

JPP French Club meets at lunch on Wednesdays in Room 2-206. The French Club is an amazing opportunity to brush up your French language skills, practice the grammar, and learn something new about French culture. This can serve as an additional practice if you are enrolled in a high school French course.

Please contact coordinator Ryaan Mian at r.mian@share.epsb.ca for more information.

Gay-Straight Alliance

‌The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is an inclusive club that promotes understanding of gender identity and provides support for those struggling with their identity


J. Percy Page's improv team is an open club that meets twice per week. Students are invited to join us in the Drama room Tuesdays in Flex for open improv jams, where we work on improv scenes and learn the skills related to improvisational drama. A rotating team of eight performs monthly at the Citadel Theatre in the Northern Alberta Improv League (NAIL) as well as the annual Canadian Improv Games. If you like creating spontaneous scenes, being super goofy and making people laugh, this is the place for you!



Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.


We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide.


The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness.


Meditation Mondays - students are invited to participate in mindfulness activities to improve their overall mental health and well-being.  During these sessions, students are taught techniques and strategies they can take away to decrease stress and anxiety and improve their immune system, clarity and memory retention ...fantastic skills for the life of a high school student! 


The Rotary Interact club is open to everyone for volunteer experience supporting local and global communities through creative fundraising (Scary Movie event / Candygrams / Valentine Roses) and personal service (Ronald McDonald House Meals that Mend / Fort Edmonton Park clean up).

In 2014/15, the Strathcona Rotary club matched our fundraising efforts to support the following charities:

  • $100 for the Kiva club.
  • $200 for an underprivileged family in our school to be able to attend grad.
  • $100 for the Wheelchair association.
  • $100 for Polio Plus to eradicate this disease from the globe.
  • $500 which was doubled by the Red Cross for a shelter box for Nepal's earthquake survivors.


‌Travel Club - every other year J. Percy Page students have the opportunity to travel!  In thepast we have traveled to Europe and toured France and Germany.  In previous years there have been two groups travelling to Greece (with different itinerarys).  Students learn a great deal about themselves by experiencing the thrill of travel.  

Yearbook Club

Students are involved in many aspects of yearbook production, including: photography, page layout, copy work and editing.  These students are dedicated and have to manage time and resources to meet deadlines.