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Mechanics 10 offers a basic study of both automotive and mechanical systems. Based on the idea that one day you will either own or operate a motor vehicle, this course will give you an idea of how automobiles work, why we use certain systems and some of the skills used to repair and maintain those systems as an operator. Although it is an introductory course, it is an extensive course. Students are provided with a broad base of relevant theory and practice that build on daily living and career specific skills. We will get our hands dirty with this course, using many tools of the trade and developing basic skills—both inside and outside the automotive industry.

Mechanics 20 and 30 go beyond basic operational maintenance and focus on vehicle repair and system knowledge. You will be given an opportunity to develop the skills and competencies of a mechanic. This course will satisfy those with a general interest as well as aid students in their career pathway or occupational preparation. You will develop skills you have learned on both shop vehicles and outside vehicles booked for repair in our Customer Service Program. As a mechanic student, there are also opportunities with the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) to further those skills by gaining experience in an operational repair shop after learning class theory, giving you the edge for postsecondary apprenticeship training.