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Campus EPSB is designed as another way for students to earn high school credits and industry credentials, get ahead of their studies or prepare for post-secondary. It’s a great way to explore opportunities and get hands-on experience that can help them plan their next steps.

Exploring Aviation and Tourism

 10 credits, second semester

J. Percy Page School, computer lab with access to flight simulators

Monday to Friday, two blocks per day

Description: In preparation for completing a Private Pilot’s License, students will have the opportunity to write exams and gain certificates related to aviation. Students will also explore other aviation fields such as ground support, operations and maintenance.

Potential certification:

  • Ground school for gaining a pilot’s license
  • Restricted Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A)
  • Student Pilot Permit (PSTAR)
  • Small Basic Pilot Certificate for Drone Operation


Skill development includes:

  • Participating in Ground school
  • Training in a flight simulator
  • Gaining drone experience
  • Taking comprehensive industry exams

Watch a video about the Exploring Aviation course!

Recommended: Math 10

School contacts: Shannon Kampen, David Williams 

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