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Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 3:45 pm

Friday: 9 am to 3:45 pm

Of course, these hours only apply to our physical library, please remember that many resources from the library are available to you 24/7 through the website. Contact Mrs. Barata if you have any specific questions about how to find resources or if there is something you would like to see in your library.

Use of the Library

We welcome all students to make use of their library space, however, students should respect the needs of others who require a quiet area to work.


Your library is home to computers for completing assignments, books, fiction novels, graphic novels and a variety of magazines. Books are circulated for a 3 week loan period.  The library does not charge fines, however, students with overdue books will not be permitted to sign out any others until their overdue materials have been returned.

Library Computer Use

We have 30 computers in the library accessible to students and staff.  Priority use of computers is as follows:

  • Classes that have been booked by teachers to use the lab space
  • Individuals sent by teachers to complete assignments
  • Individuals completing assignments during their spares

If there are still computers available after these priorities are met, students may use computers for individual purposes as long as they do not infringe on J. Percy Page's acceptable use policy for technology.  Students should be aware that all work done on school computers can be monitored by teachers and the school board's Information Technology Services (ITS).  Here are some basic rules that must be followed while in the library

  • There is no gaming permitted on school computers in the library.
  • You may not use a proxy server or any other technique to jump over the district's firewall and access websites that are restricted by Edmonton Public Schools

 Personally Owned Devices

Students are encouraged to bring their own personal devices (iPod, iPad, Laptop, Netbooks) to school. Access to the WIFI is available in the library and other areas of the school. While in the library we ask students to bring their own earbuds, so as not to disturb others. 


Selection and Use of Resources

In order to maintain a high standard of resources, the library staff will work with the faculty and students to provide access to professionally reviewed resources. Selection of resources will be done through:

A qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the library to identify areas of need and development.

Professional recommendations by teachers and subject area consultants from Edmonton Public Schools

  • Teacher requests
  • Student requests
  • Parent requests
  • Professional library periodicals
  • Inclusion of Canadian content which fosters Canadian identity and ownership
  • Student participation in the review and evaluation of recommended resources


Financing for resources will be provided through the school budget and advocacy of other financial resources.  In keeping our library vibrant and relevant, ‘evergreening' of materials will also take place. Resources will be removed from our collection when they are deemed to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Appear worn and damaged so that they are no longer readable, attractive or usable.
  • Demonstrates itself to contain inaccurate information
  • Displays discrimination towards any one culture, race or disability.
  • When materials are out of date and therefore misleading or irrelevant.
  • Changes in curriculum which bring about approval/removal of core resources by Alberta Education.


The library uses technology to facilitate access to reliable and accurate information, expertise and learning.  The library strives to provide;

  • Use of the Edmonton Public School Board's myLibrary databases and electronic books
  • Use of the Learn Alberta resources which support the curriculum
  • Use of the Learn Alberta Online Reference Centre encyclopedias and databases
  • Subscriptions to electronic books
  • Professionally reviewed and evaluated web sites on school web site
  • Software which supports the curriculum and distinct school programs
  • Web 2.0 technologies which foster communication and collaboration e.g. videoconferencing, blogs, wikis, podcasting


Our primary source for Resources


In myLibrary you will find:

  • Citations
  • Pathfinders
  • Assignments
  • Our Mission
  • Resources

eBooks and Online Learning Resources

Students at Page have access to a number of online eBooks and reference databases. Please see the Librarian for access codes to many of these resources.




Alberta Exambank

Career Cruising

Gale Virtual Reference Library